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About Mihaela

"At Vibraplus' doorstep, you'll be greeted by Mihaela Lederhas, a researcher of the mind, body, and spirit.

Driven by an insatiable desire for continuous learning and exploring the unknown in various fields, she now helps people lead better lives as a Mentor and Coach through an educational program accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation). Additionally, she is a Soul Art® Guide (Body Mapping, Energy Mapping), TT Mindfulness Coach, and Facial Reflexologist trained in SorensensistemTM methods. She is also certified in Magnetism and Quantum Physiology by the Université Européenne and many more.

In her work, she combines her acquired knowledge to balance physical, mental, and emotional well-being, which is crucial for personal and professional success. With boundless energy, enthusiasm, optimism, knowledge, passion, experience, and wisdom, she wholeheartedly supports her clients on their journey to harmony in the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Drawing from her experience of stress and burnout, she now devotes a significant amount of time to helping "superwomen" who manage everything on their own and juggle many responsibilities. These women may sense (or not) that something is missing, affecting their well-being, health, and overall quality of life, yet they lack the strength to make any changes.

In these processes, coaching support, mentoring, and counseling are closely intertwined with facial reflexology, energy treatments, and intuitive painting sessions, where clients learn to decode the language of their soul and embody its messages in reality (without needing any prior painting knowledge). All this is aimed at facilitating an easier and more relaxed life, in harmony with one's essence."

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